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Yoga and Detoxing

It’s springtime, and both Ayurveda and Western traditional medicine agree it’s a great time of year to cleanse!

What’s a detox? Any prescribed diet/exercise regimen that is aimed at giving your organs a chance to “clean house”. It means not putting things into your body that increase the work of your organs so they can rest and rejuvinate, and in turn your whole system functions better! It’s a good time to break bad drug/eating habits, because often you will loose the craving for what was keeping you out of balance.

I believe yoga can totally change your experience of detoxing. If you practice yoga, you are probably used to listening to your body, and will feel a lot of benefit as you go through the process. You will probably already have the discipline required not to deviate from the program, and can use your practice to help even out the rough times. What do I mean by that? Headache, low energy and mood swings can all come up any time you change your routine or diet. These are symptoms yoga excels at alleviating, especially through pranayama.

Yoga can also help to assist deepen your detox. Twists are especially helpfull, as the rotation of the torso affects the circulation in the organs and help flush out any sluggish blood and lymph. Inversions (getting upside down) are also great because the heart doesn’t need to work so hard to return all that blood and lymph, you simply let gravity do the work. Shoulderstand is probably the best, as it is less taxing muscularly, but if you have neck issues or don’t know the pose, simply resting with your legs up the wall is also brilliant.

How should you detox? This can mean different things for different people. If you eat a lot of processed food and sugar, detoxing could simply mean eating fresh for a week without refined foods (white flour, white rice, vegetable oil…. basically anything that’s not whole). If you are already careful about your diet a detox can get a lot more intense: eating %100 raw, fasting, etc. I encourage you to seek advice or spend the time educating yourself and getting to know your particular constitution better.

I recommend everyone to try detoxing, you will feel a tremendous difference and learn a lot about yourself! Be scientific, cautious, and listen to your body always.

Namaste, Sara


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