Let your experience guide your food choices, not the dogma of the hour!!


It’s brilliant that eating for health seems to be the talk of the hour. I’ve been vegetarian for 3 years, Paleo for 1 year, raw for weeks at a time, I’ve read the articles that say whole grain plant based diets are better for your body and I’ve read the articles that say organic meat and vegetables are better for you.
I’m really happy that everyone is thinking about what they put in their bodies ­čÖé
I’d like to point out that scientific studies are always a work in progress, get debunked, revised, and improved on. That’s why science is so awesome, it’s not afraid to say ‘Oh wait, maybe it’s more like THIS!’ Therefore, read a study as a work in process, not a decree on the final word, cuz there’s going to a paper published next week that will totally debunk your favorite theory……
Personally I think it all comes back to BALANCE! People love to be part of a social group, and food is a great way to bond. Share recipes, be stoked on your food choices, this is all good stuff. But let’s not be too righteous, eh? I enjoy cuisine with Passionate Paleos and Virtuous Vegans alike cuz after years of experimentation, I’m learning what sits well with my body, for my training regimen, and it’s awesome …and it probably won’t be the same diet for you! Once we clear the processed crap off the table, it comes down to knowing your body!!┬áSome bodies can handle bread, some can’t. Some people feel awesome after a grass fed steak, some don’t. Some people thrive on dried fruit and for others it’s as bad as candy.

Experiment. Keep a food diary of what you eat, and how you feel 30 min later. This is revealing!! See how you perform, how you digest and refine it from there. And get a better relationship with yourself at the same time <3
Namaste, Sara