I will expand this into a blog entry someday!

When you practice yoga you learn to listen to your body. Everything you do, and eat, is reflected in your physical state. From this awareness I have developed a passion for wholesome cooking.

Food Philosophy

It’s important to clarify your thoughts around food. Why you eat is as important as what you eat, and will usually govern what you eat in the first place! Rather than getting stuck on labels: Satvic, Paleo, Raw, Mediterranean, Whole Foods, Atkins, where does it end? Ask yourself what the intention behind a food choice is. Is it a mineral, vitamin, fat, protein or carb content? Is this food best to meet the requiement? And more importantly how the food feel in your body?

The best thing I ever did concerning diet is keep a food diary for a few days. Write down what you just ate, and write down how you feel 15-30 minutes later. This says it all.

Raw Foods

Raw foods are an interesting sub culture in healthy living. Eating raw all the time is difficult, and depending on your constitution not necessarily good for you. Raw desserts however stand out as a nourishing way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

MAGIC MAYAN RAW CHOCOLATES are locally made in Kilfenora, nutritious, low GI, and genuinely my favorite chocolate -raw or not- on the planet!

I wrote an article for my blog on my favorite raw dessert recipes. Don’t think you can’t be decadent and healthy all at once? I dare you to make one of these!!