Vinyasa is one the many yoga practices we are lucky to have access to, and each tradition has it’s own focus and intention. Vinyasa aims primarily in teaching you to move in a stronger, yet more fluid way… from our deepest alignment out into expression. It’s an anatomy based exploration of yoga as a movement practice.
Yoga is for everybody, of all different philosophies and physical abilities. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word directly translated as ‘placement’. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘joining’ or ‘uniting’, referring to the union of body, mind and breath through this practice. For example, through the action of grounding the focus in the practice the mind becomes quiet, helping to release stress and tension. This release improves the physical state, allowing muscles to move more freely and effectively.
  When the body is fully engaged in a yoga posture, the mind is drawn into the body and the connection of body and mind is strengthened. This helps one focus on what is present and real, and consider situations with calm analysis and less stress. This can be used for improving physical strength, flexibility and mental focus- as countless sports professions, people recovering from injury and those just wanting to have fun have been discovering for a long time now…..